Child Development Foundation is trying to give HIV AIDS Orphans and disadvantaged children an equal opportunity to shape their future by schooling them and incorporating a Christian upbringing. The profile, seeks to explain the history and the importance of CDF in our community. It also includes the day-to-day activities of the centre and how it’s trying to make a difference in the life of these orphaned children. In fact, we believe that this is what life is all about – evoking one of the Ten Commandments of “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” in the true Namibian spirit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Child Development Foundation

Our vision:

To offer support to OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) and those families who are unable to care for them.
To uplift the living standards of OVC and their families, through development, education, medical assistance and a feeding program.
Nature of the Foundation:

Child Development Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political, and nondenominational and non-profit social development organisation working exclusively in the public interest. All foundation funds and surpluses shall be employed to further the foundation's objectives.

The Foundation was established to help feed, educate and care for Namibian children who are in need. The foundation has been operating officially now for over three years with the help of dedicated staff and people who volunteer on a regular basis.

Most of our funding comes from donors, non-governmental organizations and corporate institutions, such as Hertz Rent a Car, Old Mutual and Channel 7. Our main Donor “Stichting Pappa” of the Netherlands was formed solely to assist Child Development Foundation financially in Namibia.

Our primary funding includes:

CDF Mission School that opened in 2007
Government Schools (school fees, uniforms and stationary);
Vocational Training (we will start with this project in 2010)

Feeding Program:
Two daily meals are provided for the sixty students at the Mission School

Caretaking Program:
We will provide housing for children who have experienced human tragedy and are left alone without any support system until such time that they can be placed with relatives or approved guardians.

We will provide medical and counselling assistance when needed.
Objectives of the Foundation:

To offer support to OVC and those families who are unable to care for them.
To uplift the living standards of OVC and their families, through community development, education, medical assistance and feeding program.
To empower them by ensuring a proper education for OVC through the Child Development Foundation Mission School and Government Schools by providing for School Fees, School Uniforms and all other related needs. To provide Vocational Training where needed.
To promote understanding and the exchange of knowledge on the subject of childcare and to work with other organisations.

Child Development Foundation shall achieve its objectives through the following means amongst others:

By implementing fund-raising measures and campaigns so as to meet the Foundation's objectives, the funds to be raised in particular in the form of membership dues, grants and donations from public and private bodies;
CDF's funds shall be employed exclusively to achieve the foundation's objectives.
By co-coordinating and auditing the funds collected and employed by the foundation for the construction and maintenance of CDF Mission School and other CDF facilities,
by developing statutes and other obligatory documents for the foundation,
by co-ordination and administration of the CDF projects of the foundation if needed;
by looking for, choosing and training staff in order to guarantee a smooth operation of the foundation's projects,
By performing public relations work in the form of publications and events for the dissemination and promotion of the CDF model.
How Child Development Foundation operates:

CDF has an appointed Board of Directors (all with a professional back ground) who ensures through the staff that the Vision and goal of CDF are carried out in a professional way.

The Centre Director takes responsibility for; the day to day running, Promoting and Marketing of the Foundation.

The School Principal takes responsibility for all school related issues.

Staff is carefully selected and screened to ensure that the best possible assistance and support are provided to the children to ensure a better future for them.
Founders of the Child Development Foundation:

It all started when the Shalom Centre and its children were abandoned by a previous organisation with no future to look forward to.

Henriette Le Grange and Pieter Lingenfelder felt it in their hearts to take over the control and assist these OVC’s; and Child Development Foundation was established in September 2006.

Child Development Foundation is an accredited organisation, and proud to be part of.
Contact Us:

We would like to invite you as reader or interested party to contact us to arrange for a tour to Shalom Centre to enable you to share in our passion.

We include a list of our Projects should you prefer to donate in kind, and we would like to thank you for making a difference in our Children’s lives.

We would welcome any donations, sponsorships or support in kind. Audit Reports by Grant Swart Angula will be made available on request from the Chairperson of CDF.
Goods Needed:

Winter & Summer
Shoes Winter & Summer


Mission School
Burglar bars on Windows & Doors
Paint & Tiles for Kitchen & Toilets
Chest Freezer

Sponsor for:
Monthly Rental of Shalom Centre
Monthly Gas
Monthly Fuel
Monthly Water supply
Monthly Electricity bill
Web hosting by “givengain” N$500.00 per month (

Branding on two School Busses

Any kind of food, Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Cold drinks, Yogurt

Deodorant, Bath soap, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Vaseline, T/Paper
Girl’s sanitary products

Cleaning Products
Washing Powder, Stay Soft, Dishwashing liquid, Toilet Cleaner

Playground equipment
Keep a Child at School Project:

Goals: Government Schools

• Lower school drop out levels due to poverty
• Increased appetite for learning and success
• Foster a growing healthy self esteem with each child
• Life Skills Training/Activities

Government Schools

Sponsorship by providing the following:

• School Fund
• School Stationary
• School Uniform
• Hostel Fund
• Lunch Pack (e.g. Hotdog + fruit)

Mission School

Sponsorship by providing the following:

• School Stationary
• School Uniform
• Copy Paper
• Printer Cartridges
• Computers x 2
• Laminate plastic sleeves A4

• Television and dvd/video player for use in school
Building Project:

CDF has applied for a plot at the Municipality to enable us to build our own facilities.
Our current rented facility is now longer suitable and will be demolish once the Municipality has decided to extend the road that they have planned which will run through Shalom Centre.

We have managed to raise funds to purchase the plot but still need funds to construct the buildings. Should your organisation be able to assist in any way please get in contact with us to enable us to provide you with information that is more detailed.